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All Chained Up

Well, Spring 2007 Fashion Week has come and gone, but the memories of it live on throughout the world wide web, with countless recaps, footage and photos. I found this interesting handbag from Heatherette. It’s a simple white hobo with Chanel-like chain straps. I’m only drawn to it because of the chain print, which I think jazzes up the simplicity of the bag. I have to admit it’s a bit plain in comparison to Heatherette’s typical styles, and the white leather looks a bit cheap, but I like it nevertheless.

What do you think of it?

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5 responses to "All Chained Up"

  1. Frapp says:

    No, keep the videos off the screen. It’s annoying every time when it asks me to download Quicktime. And that’s a really cute bag! Not exactly designer-worthy and from experience I know those body-over-chain handles aren’t exactly the most comfortable in the world but if I saw it on the high street for, say, £15, I’d definitely buy it!

  2. Viva Las Divas says:

    stella mcartney rip off
    that bag

  3. Anonymous says:

    The bag is really cute. I’ve always been attracted to chains on handbags.

  4. daddylikeyblog says:

    Love it. It’ so tacky it’s beautiful. And also love the blog! I will link to you immediately.

  5. Shopaholic D says:

    love it!

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