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What’s Haute in the UK

I want to try this scent so much it hurts! Even if it isn’t that nice, I’d buy it just for the damn gorgeousness of the bottle! It’s limited edition only in Miss Selfridge, so if you want it, you’d better hurry!
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4 responses to "What’s Haute in the UK"

  1. Haute Girl says:

    oooh, new bottle! i liked the original dkny delicious scent-i have to try this one…does it also smell like an apple?

  2. Frapp says:

    I don’t know yet, I haven’t tried it, I haven’t been shopping in the right place yet (I have three shopping centres near me but only one carries a Miss Selfridge) But I’ll be sure to let you know!

  3. Magarite Elaine says:

    I love the bottle! It’s def. eye-catching. Maybe it smells like a red apple.

  4. Sophia says:

    im not sure about the color… too red! it looks like coughing syrup to me but hey it might smell like a red apple which i absolutely adore!

    La Voguette

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