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Satchels and the City

Carrie Bradshaw would approve. I can see her sporting one of these rhinestone-studded City Satchels around the big city. Whether having lunch with the girls, trying on Manolos, or drinking Cosmos at some exclusive club, this unassuming bag would allow her to be both stylish and practical. And priced at only $24, it would leave her extra money to purchase those Manolos. I imagine her wearing one wrapped around her wrist, leaving her little finger free for Mr. Big.

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6 responses to "Satchels and the City"

  1. Karinaxoxo says:

    it’s cute – and practical…but I don’t know how classy that would look when you have to throw a leg up whilst buying drinks from the bar!

  2. Frapp says:

    Yeah I think it would be a bit impractical to use, and you’d probably get a few odd looks from it. I’d have to see someone else wearing it and not looking like a fool to buy it. Though it would be great to stop purse snatching, I’m sure it’s a lot harder to snatch someone’s shoe attatched to their foot than their bag!

  3. Haute Girl says:

    haha, i can just imagine being in a bar and throwing my leg up on it to get my money out!

    you can attach it to your wrist too, which i think is a lot cuter. it looks like some sort of rhinestone studded bracelet.

  4. Frapp says:

    Oh I thought it was par of the shoe! haha!

  5. WWND says:

    Wow, what will they think of next??

  6. Magarite Elaine says:

    Oh it’s not a part of the shoe? Haha! It’s a good idea but I don’t know if it’ll catch on.

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