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Project Runway – Week 6 & 7 Recaps

Week 7
The designers had to create an outfit for the “Everyday woman”. Surprise! There was a new set of models this week – the designer’s mothers and sisters. However, they could not design for their own family member, but had to select another. The designers stumbled over having to design for a woman over size 6. Jeffrey continued to alienate the other designers, and even disrespected Angela’s mom, who he was designing a dress for.

End result:
Vincent surprisingly pulled out a win with his oversized collared dress for Uli’s mom. It wasn’t particularly fabulous, but compared to the other yards of draped fabric called outfits, it wasn’t all that bad. Robert Best was finally let go after showing boring creation after creation, week after week. His red and black design was overly simple and draped poorly on Vincent’s sister.

Week 6
Designers took a trip to the dumpster (read: recycling center) to create custom couture out of trash. Paper, plastic wrap and peanuts were the fabrics of choice. (Not much of a choice). Jeffery managed to piss of Laura, who also argued with Kayne, and later, Vincent.

End result:
Most of the designers made the most of it and created stunning outfits. Jeffrey Sebelia, though irritatingly arrogant, created, in my opinion, the best outfit – a dress constructed from recycled newspapers and painted bright yellow and blue. However, I was please to see Michael take home his second win (two weeks in a row!). Alison Kelly was eliminated due to her poor construction of paper and the Minnie Mouse-like hairdo she selected for her model.

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  1. EnidP says:

    Im worried most of the designers did constructed these big no shape dresses. i sthis how they think the over size 6 women should be wearing?

    ENID P.

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