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Project Runway – Week 5 Recap

The tables are turned and models get to choose designer. The designers are then given a photo of a style icon they are to create a modern look for. Icons range from Madonna to Diana Ross, to Marilyn Monroe. The winner of the challenge will win a TreSemme ad in Elle magazine featuring both the designer and model.

End result:
Most succeed in creating a chic, modern outfit, while a few totally miss the mark. Michael Knight (and model Nazri) wins the challenge with his hot-pink Pam Grier number. Bradley Baumkirchner is Auf’d due to his poor re-creation of Cher, which “looks like a cheap Halloween costume you pick up in a mall.” (via Heidi Klum)

Who do you think should have been Auf’d?

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2 responses to "Project Runway – Week 5 Recap"

  1. Frapp says:

    Ooh, good challenge!

  2. Magarite Elaine says:

    I just saw this one last night. I think Bradley was the logical choice. I mean his silver top (it reminded me of aluminum foil) was horrid! What was he thinkin? The Pam Grier outfit was haute! It was totally wearable and I’m so glad he won the challenge.

    Oh and I posted how I started as a stylist on my blog today. Check it out!

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