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In Fashion, You Don’t Always Have to ‘Conphorm’

Though I rock the double G’s (Gucci), appreciate the bourgeois browns (Louis Vuitton), and even fawn over the double F’s (Fendi), I can’t help but long for something simple and logo-free.

Enter Conphorm. Designer Josh Jakus, a former architect, combined sensibility with a minimal design aesthetic and created a chic, unadorned collection of pressed wool felt carry-alls.

Not only are their shapes sophisticated, but their bags cleverly unzip and lay flat, saving space when not in use. Finally, fashion that is truly functional. Not a bad concept.

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2 responses to "In Fashion, You Don’t Always Have to ‘Conphorm’"

  1. NYC ydney says:

    I love it! I find myself going crazy avoiding logos- as a girl who cannot yet afford the real thing!

  2. McDreamer says:

    I agree, we don’t always have to “conphorm” to look fabulous!

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