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Haute or Not: Tano "Lhasa Apso" Handbag

I can’t figure out whether or not a bag named after a fluffy dog is a good or bag thing, especially when that bag is not a pet carrier. Anyway, this Lhasa Apso Hobo from Tano Handbags is available in a variety of colors. Created from glazed, distressed leather, it’s rich in color and in shape, and embellished with numerous oversized eyelets.

I can’t decide whether the adornments complement the simplicity of the bag, or if it makes complete use of its name, Lhasa Apso. You be the judge.

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3 responses to "Haute or Not: Tano "Lhasa Apso" Handbag"

  1. Sophia says:

    well i had a lhasa apso named Simba (, – yes, after the Lion King. and he was the cutest thing on the planet! not this bag though. why is it called lhasa apso anyhow?

  2. Frapp says:

    I think I’d like it better if it was a different colour.

  3. Haute Girl says:

    i guess it’s called “lhasa apso” because it sort of looks like one???

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