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Project Runway – Week 3 Recap

The designers have to design for America’s favorite accessory. Thanks to Paris Hilton, that accessory is not a handbag, or jewelry, but a dog. Bradley struggles with his design and fears getting Auf’d on his birthday. Keith Michael’s newfound arrogance begins to rub other designers the wrong way.

End result: Uli wins the challenge. Her dress is a creative combination of a leopard print and another print. Bradley pulls through at the end and impresses Nina, who says she could see his outfit being shot for Elle. Angela narrowly escapes getting Auf’d again with her puffy party skirt and top. Katherine is Auf’d due to the simplicity of her creation. The judges actually prefer her dog’s hoodie over the plain green dress.

Who do you think should have been Auf’d? Who do you predict will be asked off to leave next week?

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4 responses to "Project Runway – Week 3 Recap"

  1. Magarite Elaine says:

    So I can’t remember the gentlemen’s name who didn’t make an outfit for his dog (was it Bradley?) but I would have loved to see his doggie creation (wasn’t that the point of the challenge?). His dress was beautiful and the dog’s outfit would have been a great compliment.

    I’m still pulling for Angela to leave but I know she’s the drama queen and will probably be around awhile longer.

  2. Haute Girl says:

    keith michael is the guy…he’s the one that’s getting a bit obnoxious…his creations are fabulous but his attitude stinks…i’ve heard he may be the one asked to leave…have you heard about “sketchgate”?

    angela is the wendy pepper of this season. unfortuantely i think she’ll be around for a while.

  3. Frapp says:

    Poor dog…

  4. Magarite Elaine says:

    Gotcha! Keith is getting bit obnoxious. I have not heard about “sketchgate”. Is this the one where they’re going to ask someone to leave the show?
    If so, that should a fabolous show! Can’t wait!

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