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Project Runway – Week 1 Recap

One can’t discuss what’s haute in fashion without discussing Project Runway. Since I’m both a drama TV columnist and fashion blogger, I thought it important to offer recaps in brief on the most dramatic fashion show on television.

The designers move into the house; receive their mission – tear apart the house to create original designs. The house gets trashed, but the results are beautiful dresses and an array of random fashion accessories, including a gorgeous necklace and a hideous hat.

End result: Keith Michael wins immunity with a navy bed sheet turned halter dress, layers of necklaces and an edgy hairstyle. Stacy Estrella gets the “auf wiedersen” from Heidi for her failed attempt at transforming a flowy white bed sheet into a gown.

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1 response to "Project Runway – Week 1 Recap"

  1. Magarite Elaine says:

    The navy dress was by far one of my favs. It was an excellent piece and definitely red carper worthy.

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