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Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs

Long gone are the days when dogs walk the streets on a leash. Modern day dogs travel in style. These couture pet carriers appear to be stylish handbags, but are actually trendy transportation for your four-legged friends. Janet Lee, the founder of Petote, is the reigning queen of the stylish doggy bag. Her offerings include the Bali Pink Metallic Links Carrier ($199) and the Metro Pet Carrier in silver & gold metallic ($399). World According to Jess offers a delightful plaid tote ($224.50) complete with Fido’s or Fifi’s silhouette in leather. PuchiBag gives your pet classic style, with its vintage Barbie carrier ($235). High doggie style doesn’t come cheap.

All items are on sale and available at Pet Sale Ave.

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2 responses to "Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs"

  1. Frapp says:

    I think dogs in designer bags is rediculous. Not only is it a complete waste of money, but it’s cruel on the dogs to take them out in front of flashing camera bulbs and just as an accessory. There’s nothing wrong with walking them, they need exercise and they’d probably enjoy it a lot more. Save some money and time by using the time you take your dog out as an actual dog walk.

  2. Haute Girl says:

    haha…i saw a woman pushing her dogs in a stroller…now that’s taking things too far!!!

    i would carry a few of these bags sans dog.

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